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Carlos Moya Twitter Chat

Delray Beach

Moya© ImagellanCarlos Moya won a record sixth successive title on the ATP Champions Tour.

Carlos Moya took over the @ChampionsTennis Twitter account to take questions from tennis fans on Friday in Delray Beach, and it led to some fascinating answers. He also signed a t-shirt for the best question. Read the Q & A below, and then see which question Carlos chose as the best at the end!

Question: What is your favourite spot to eat, anywhere in the world?

Carlos Moya: Miami. Joe Stone Crab in Miami is the best."

Question: The next young tennis star?

Carlos Moya: I don't know. Maybe Tomic or Dimitrov but they're not that young anymore. I don't see any teenagers coming thru at the moment.

Question: If you’re hosting a party, what three tennis players do you invite?

Carlos Moya: Goran Ivanisevic, John McEnroe and Mark Philippoussis.

Question: Carlos how often did you used to practice per week at the age of 13?

Carlos Moya: Five days a week. Three hours every day. And then one hour fitness on top of that.

Question: Who was your tennis idol growing up?

Carlos Moya: Stefan Edberg

Question: Probably the most moving moment I've seen on a press room: when he broke in tears after winning Estoril in 2000! What happened?

Carlos Moya: It was only my third tournament after a bad injury. I thought I might never play again and then I won. It was amazing.

Question: Carlos - what did you personally think of the blue clay in Madrid?

Carlos Moya: I think the idea was not bad, but it didn't work at all. Not due to the colour, just the surface was no good.

Question: Describe John McEnroe in 3 words.

Carlos Moya: Most charismatic ever

Question: Which was the mostly amazing match did you play? Kisses from Brazil/Argentina

Carlos Moya: Probably when I beat Rios in RG in 98 in the quarters. It was 6-4 in the 4t. That match convinced me I would win the title.

Question: How is life now on the seniors tour?

Carlos Moya: Life is great. It's a different atmosphere and there is much less stress than on the ATP level.

Question: Who is your tip for the french this year?

Carlos Moya: It's still very early to say. I have to see how Rafa is recovering. If he is fit, he is my pick.

Question: What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on tour?

Carlos Moya: One match I took the wrong racquet bag on to court. I have no idea whose it was but it didn't have my racquets in it!

Question: What was the best moment of your career? Roland Garros, Number 1 or Davis Cup?

Carlos Moya: Number 1 I think, but also winning the Davis Cup at home in front of 27,000 crowd of supporters was amazing

Question: What was your favourite memory on the ATP tour?

Carlos Moya: My favourite memory is becoming Number One in the World in Indian Wells 1999.

Question: What's your favorite thing about Delray Beach?

Carlos Moya: I love being here at the same time as the ATP event. Great atmopshere here.

So, a great Q & A with our Twitter followers @ChampionsTennis and Carlos chose the question 'If you’re hosting a party, what three tennis players do you invite?' as his favourite. Congratulations @GoranVR for winning the signed, Moya t-shirt!

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