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Safin Talks Supercoaches And Friendships

Marat Safin makes the most of his time on the ATP Champions Tour.© Getty ImagesMarat Safin makes the most of his time on the ATP Champions Tour.

Speaking after his win at KIA Champions Cup Tennis in Seoul, former World No. 1 and two-time Grand Slam champion Marat Safin talked about the Supercoach trend and rekindling friendships on the ATP Champions Tour. 

If you'd like to be approached as a Supercoach by any current player, who would it be and why?

It’s a good question, but not sure I can give you an answer right now! But if I were to try and help someone out, I would want them to be a nice person with a good heart and the rest will follow. That’s the most important characteristic for me.

Who would you have liked to employ as a Supercoach when you were playing and why?

I’d still pick Peter Lundgren. He coached Federer and me, and for me he was the best coach. The job he did with me was pretty good!

What's it like getting reacquainted with players that you used to compete against? Have you found yourself developing any friendships with players that you didn't have while you were on tour together?

I’ve always gotten on well with everyone on the tour and have a lot of respect for whenever I see anyone now. It’s great to catch-up and it’s interesting to hear how people’s lives have changed since the tour, particularly as we shared so many experiences. The Champions Tour has a different approach and you build different relationships. It’s great fun.

What's your favourite place to play on the ATP Champions Tour that you didn't get to play at when you were a pro?

I’m always looking for more experiences and different countries, but it’s about the people and not the places for me. The people are the most important for me.

When you're playing against your former rivals, are there moments where the same level of competitiveness still comes out?

Of course. We want to challenge each other and see how where we are. We’ll always have that element of wanting to win.

What's been your best moment on the Champions Tour?

Still to come! I’m improving each time and getting better.

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