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Ferrero Relishing Champions Tour Experience

Juan Carlos Ferrero is enjoying his time on the Champions Tour.© Timothy EdwardsJuan Carlos Ferrero is enjoying his time on the Champions Tour.

Speaking after reaching the final at Kings of Tennis by Index Residence in Stockholm, Juan Carlos Ferrero opened up about his time on the Champions Tour and the resurgence of both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

How often do you get to play tennis these days? Do you play more frequently before a Champions Tour event?

I run an academy in Spain, so I’m on the court almost every day. I may not practise with the guys for a couple of weeks, but sometimes I’ll play two or three times a week. But of course, I trained a little bit before playing this tournament, more so physically than anything. You always want to play your best no matter what the event is, not necessarily to try and play at the level you once were at, but to be able to play well for the fans.

It seems like you’re really enjoying your matches on the Champions Tour.

Sure, why not? It’s much different than before on the ATP World Tour. It’s time to enjoy my time on my court more, have more fun, enjoy the friendships that we maybe didn’t have when we were rivals. It’s always nice to see everyone after a long time.

Have you visited Stockholm before?

I played the ATP World Tour event here three or four times and had the chance to visit the city a little bit. My friends always want to come here and it’s a very nice place, so I really enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on the great start to the year that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have had?

After the hard year they had last year, it was so nice for everyone to have them in the final of the Australian Open again. I think they’re ready to have an amazing year. I don’t know if they will have the chance to win a Grand Slam again, but think they’ll be at the top of the rankings.

What do you think Carlos Moya has added to Nadal’s game?

It’s difficult to say because it’s such a new partnership. But it’s a new voice on the team for Rafa and they’ve been friends for such a long time. They first played each other when Nadal was 15 and Carlos kind of helped him get ready to be on the ATP World Tour, so they have that confidence in each other. It’s definitely a big help for him.

Who are some of the Next Gen ATP players that you're most impressed by? 

I’d say Alexander Zverev. He needs to improve a little bit more physically to be stronger for the long matches, but once he does that, he’s going to do a lot of big things.

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