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John Alexander

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John Alexander
  • Age: 66 (04.07.1951)
  • Birthplace: Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Height: 6'3" (190 cm)
  • Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
  • Plays: Right-handed
  • Turned Pro: 0


As of 20.11.2017
Ranking W-L Titles Prize Money




517-387 7 $1,214,079

Singles & Doubles combined





446-297 28 $1,214,079

Singles & Doubles combined

Residence: Atlanta, Georgia
1985- Doubles runner-up at Bristol (w/R. Simpson).
1984- Quarterfinalist at Boston; Doubles runner-up at Italian Open (w/M.
Leach), Bristol (w/Fitzgerald); Doubles SF at Sydney Indoor (w/Fitzgerald),
Luxembourg (w/Masur)
Best Grand Slam results: Australian Open-Semifinals: 1974/1977 Jan./1977 Dec.
Quarterfinals: 1975/78; Round of 16- 1970/72/81/82; Wimbledon- Round of 16:
1969/78; U.S.Open- Round of 16: 1971/73; French Open- Round of 16: 1975/78/83
Won Doubles at 1982 Australian Open (w/Fitzgerald)
Doubles Runner-up at 1977 Wimbledon (w/Dent)
Doubles Runner-up at 1970/73/77 Australian Open (w/Dent)
Doubles Runner-up at 1975 French Open (w/Dent)
Singles titles: 7, as follows
1983--(1) Auckland
1982--(2) Bristol, Sydney NSW
1979--(1) Louisville
1977--(1) North Conway
1975--(2) WCT Fort Worth, Tucson
Qualified for WCT Dallas Finals 1973/75/79. Runner-up 1969 Wimbledon Junior
One of the first prodigies of the Open era, "J.A." made tennis history
in 1968 when he became the youngest player (at 17 1/2) to compete in a Davis
Cup challenge round. He has been a model of deportment and professionalism
ever since. He climbed as high as eighth in the ATP rankings in 1975. His
greatest achievement may be his comeback in 1981 after a nagging back injury
that made it impossible to stoop low enough to touch his toes and causing
his ranking to dip so low as to acquire a third digit. Alexander's key
weapon as a youngster was his ferocious serve, and his overall power game
still proves formidable. Constant agression is the foundation of his game,
and he makes every match interesting, particularly on clay. Two of his
biggest titles (North Conway in 1977 and Louisville in 1979) came on clay.
The quintessential Aussie, Alexander possesses the resoluteness and wit
characteristic of his homeland in extraordinary quantities; simply, he is a
pleasant man to be around. A natural athlete, he also enjoys golf, yachting,
cricket and rugby.

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