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Ferrero, Henman leading the way at Gleneagles

June 10, 2019

Juan Carlos Ferrero has never previously competed in Scotland. But the former World No. 1 is set to lead this week’s field at the Brodies Tennis Invitational, to be held at the Gleneagles Hotel from 13-15 June.

Ferrero will try to win his first ATP Champions Tour title of the season. But more than anything else, he is excited to show amazing tennis to the fans.

“When we retire, playing in front of the people, playing on a full court, enjoying it all is something that we miss a lot because you don’t compete, you don’t play any more matches,” Ferrero said. “So when we have the opportunity to be in there again on the court with a lot of people watching us, it’s something of course we miss. This is something that we like.”

Ferrero will face two familiar foes in Brit Tim Henman and Swede Thomas Enqvist. The Spanish star won two out of his three matches against each player, respectively.

“It’s wonderful. To have the opportunity to meet old friends who you had on the Tour, you remember every time that you played with them and you go again on the court,” Ferrero said. “You still compete and you want to win the match. It’s good that we have the opportunity to be there again. It’s amazing to be there.”

Also competing in singles in Scotland will be Frenchman Henri Leconte, who is always a fan favourite on the ATP Challenger Tour. He will play both Enqvist and Henman.

Players & Schedule
2019 Players: Juan Carlos Ferrero, Tim Henman, Henri Leconte, Colin Fleming (doubles), Thomas Enqvist, Xavier Malisse (doubles)

Thursday, 13 June 2019
18:00 – Henri Leconte/Dominique Monami vs. Tim Henman/Anne Keothavong

20:00 – Thomas Enqvist vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero

Friday, 14 June 2019
14:30 – Tim Henman vs. Henri Leconte

followed by Thomas Enqvist vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero

Saturday, 15 June 2019
14:30 – Henri Leconte vs. Thomas Enqvist

followed by Tim Henman vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero